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Vivek Gupta


Medical Weight Loss Clinic located in Redondo Beach,CA

Behaviors like binge eating, distracted eating, and automatic eating are all too common, but they can make sustainable weight loss next to impossible. At Mindful Weight Loss in Redondo Beach, California, board-certified obesity and internal medicine expert Vivek Gupta, MD, MPH, prioritizes mindful eating in your individualized weight-loss plan. Mindful eating helps you make long-term behavioral changes so you’re less likely to regain weight after you reach your goals. To learn more about mindful eating, book your consultation by phone or online today.

Mindful EatingQ&A

What is mindful eating?

Mindful eating is a technique that addresses the psychological and social aspects of your eating habits. It’s also a key component of any individualized weight-loss plan at Mindful Weight Loss.

Mindfulness is a concept originating from Buddhism that tunes you in to your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It’s also a common practice in psychology that’s used in treating mental health conditions like depression and anxiety. 

By becoming more conscious of your internal thoughts and external environment while eating, you can reduce harmful behaviors like binge eating, eating as an emotional coping mechanism, and automatic eating because of cues like sights and smells. 

At Mindful Weight Loss, Dr. Gupta integrates mindful eating into your individualized weight-loss plan. Alongside nutritional management, weight-loss medications, regular health monitoring, and other services, mindful eating can lead to substantial positive changes for your overall health. 

How can I learn about mindful2 eating?

Dr. Gupta makes mindful eating easy for you to learn and integrate into your daily life. He helps you deconstruct and reassess your eating habits so you can rebuild them in a healthier way using approaches like:

  • Avoiding distractions during meals, like your phone or the television
  • Chewing and eating more slowly
  • Focusing on your feelings throughout a meal
  • Focusing on sensations like taste, texture, and smell during a meal
  • Noticing when you start to feel full
  • Asking yourself if you’re hungry before you eat

Behavioral changes like these take lots of practice. With visits every two weeks and regular communications with Dr. Gupta through the Mindful Weight Loss app, you can access the support you need and get answers to your questions about mindful eating. 

What are the benefits of mindful eating?

Mindful eating is often overlooked as an important strategy for long-term weight loss. Without examining your relationship with food and taking the time to address and alter behaviors around eating, you might eventually gain the weight back after you lose it. 

At Mindful Weight Loss, Dr. Gupta can help you explore the benefits of mindful eating in relation to your own life. 

These benefits might include:

  • Less binge eating
  • Fewer cravings
  • Recognizing when you feel full
  • Recognizing triggers that drive you to eat when you’re not hungry
  • Reducing distractions while eating

In a fast-paced culture, eating often becomes an automatic process. This leads to unhealthy eating behaviors that can promote weight gain or inhibit weight loss. Mindful eating helps you focus more on the foods you eat and know when to stop eating in order to consume fewer calories. 

To learn how you can use mindful eating to improve your relationship with food, call Mindful Weight Loss or schedule a consultation online today.

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