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Meal Replacements are a powerful tool to help with weight loss. They can provide structure, accountability, environmental stimulus control, and metabolic optimization. With full meal replacements (800-1000 calorie/day diet) one can lose at least 5-10% of their body weight, but even partial meal replacements (1000+ calorie/day diet) can result in significant weight loss. Meal replacements can be used short term to lose weight for surgery for instance, or for longer periods in those who want structure and simplicity in their diets. These nutritional substitutes help reset our relationship with food and assist in forming a more optimal and healthier diet.

At Mindful Weight Loss we offer full or partial meal replacements as one potential part of our arsenal. We offer comprehensive medical monitoring, and continuous support to help you with any and all challenges and obstacles. Most importantly, all of the products we offer taste great and the variety of flavors will limit boredom. Make an appointment at Mindful Weight Loss to see if meal replacements are right for you! 


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