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Board Certified in Obesity Medicine

Board Certified in Internal Medicine

Welcome to Mindful Weight Loss! My name is Vivek Gupta and I am a physician who is board certified in obesity medicine and internal medicine and a daily practitioner of mindfulness meditation.

Our minds, bodies, environments, and maybe even the people in our lives can be obstacles to our success. However, with education, it is possible to overcome the formidable challenge of losing weight.

At its core, the goal is not merely the number on the scale but living our lives closer to our aspirations and values. To really grow we must first accept where we are in order to go where we want to be. At Mindful Weight Loss I will take the time to listen and get to know you, walk with you on the path of change, and help you to achieve a truer version of yourself.

Kristin Gonzalez, DPT

Kristin Gonzalez, DPT

Dr. Gonzalez is a Health Coach and has such a relaxed approach with her patients that she invites you to call her “Kristin”. She received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy specializing in MPT DPT from Loma Linda University in 2007. Additionally, Kristin has earned the following Certifications: OCS Orthopedic Certified Specialist, BCB-PMD Biofeedback Certified in Pelvic Muscle Dysfunction and PRPC Pelvic Rehab Practitioner Certification.

Kristin admits that she struggled with managing her weight during high school. She was able to change her eating and exercise habits to manage her weight, but she knows that the journey can be more difficult for others. She has empathetic feelings for her patients because “a close family member of mine has struggled with weight, so I’ve seen the struggles first hand. It’s a helpless feeling when you really want to help someone you love”.

“Be the change you want to see – walk the walk. Through my past education and current coaching program, I’m implementing new things I’m learning into my personal life. I’m experiencing more gratitude in my life and letting gratitude guide my life. I’ve accomplished this by incorporating more meditation and mindfulness.”

Kristin is most proud of helping patients reach their goals and improve their lives. She believes that health coaching empowers people by helping them make consistent long-term behavior changes to reach their health goals.

She admits that juggling the responsibilities of her family doesn’t always leave time for hobbies but she enjoys using the Peloton app for spinning. After a recent hip injury, Kristin discovered swimming and tries to swim 30-laps when she gets the chance. She recommends swimming to anyone seeking a mindful exercise because lap swimming can be very meditative.

Carla Baccio

Carla Baccio

Carla Baccio is the newest Health Coach to join Mindful Weight Loss. She earned a Masters of Science Degree in Exercise Nutrition and Wellness from Liberty University in Virginia. Besides her career as a Health Coach at MWL, Carla is a Personal Trainer seeing clients in their homes or meeting outdoors on a part-time basis. Her focus is on Functional Training which emphasizes movement, proper form, and mobility. Carla also works as a Health Coach Educator at Alignment Health.

Regarding her coaching philosophy Carla says “My weight Loss approach has always been to focus on the health aspect of weight management to see it in a positive and fun light and to break free from the grip that addictive unhealthy foods has on our minds and bodies. What drives me is when my clients have those ‘a-ha moments’ and see the changes in their lives; when patients make improvements in their lives and they love those improvements. The lightbulbs go on and the changes fit into their lives.”

Carla’s personal motto “age is just a number” is something she lives in her daily life. She’s a mother to two teenage girls and has an active lifestyle hiking near the ocean in the South Bay with her dog Juneau. She loves to read and her preferred genre is Personal Development, Brenet Brown being one of her favorites.

Originally from Mexico City, Carla has been a California resident for California 24 years. She originally moved to the United States to attend culinary school and is a former pastry chef. She jokes that she used to give people sugar and sweets and now she’s taking it away!


Vivek Gupta, MD, MPH, is a board-certified physician in obesity medicine and internal medicine. He leads Mindful Weight Loss, a medical weight loss clinic in Redondo Beach, California. In addition to his practice in medicine, Dr. Gupta is a daily practitioner of mindfulness meditation, which he integrates with his approach to helping patients. He is an MB-EAT practitioner trained through the Mindful Eating Training Institute with Andrea Lieberstein

Dr. Gupta is passionate about helping those who struggle with excess weight. Through his own struggles with losing weight, Dr. Gupta discovered that medical and non-medical tools could be useful. Dr. Gupta has personal experience of losing 40-50 pounds two separate times and knows that it is not easy to lose weight.