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07.01.24 02:38 PM Comment(s) By Vivek Gupta

Every medicine has risks, but humans could improve by considering our status quo biases. There are also risks of doing nothing. These GLP medications are miracles that emulate natural satiety hormones in our bodies that decrease our hunger cravings and increase satiety. 

Mindful Wellness will help you to loss your Weight with specialist and it is fully risk free. At Mindful Weight Loss, we use medications, meal replacements, nutrition, physical activity, behavioral counseling. 

Obesity is a serious, long-term health condition that occurs when you develop too much fat tissue in your body. While commonly considered mostly a cosmetic issue, it can result in numerous complications affecting your health that can be difficult to manage on your own and may even be even life-threatening. One particular reason why obesity can be difficult to treat without the right guidance is that the human body has evolved to store fat as an energy source, which can come in handy when food is scarce.

At Mindful Weight Loss, we strive to be available and support all our patients. We can and will work up and monitor everything we see, ordering labs and arranging for more urgent appointments. Still, I think it’s helpful to understand that our struggles with weight can lead to an increased risk of cancer, gallbladder issues, strokes, arthritis, psychological distress, and, unfortunately, many other health threats. Recent research with Wegovy (Semaglutide) has shown 20 percent improvement in cardiovascular disease.

We have trained obesity clinicians taking care of our patients at Mindful Weight Loss to limit the even minimal risk of potential side effects and ensure we find the perfect mix to maximize the impact and minimize side effects. 

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Vivek Gupta

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