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Why Mindful Wellness?

What is Mindful Wellness?

Mindful Wellness is a unique subscription-based health service combining specialized care in weight loss, pediatric obesity, pelvic relief therapy and future services for substance abuse, sleep, and stress management. It offers comprehensive, continuous support tailored to individual needs, led by experts like Dr. Vivek Gupta for obesity medicine, Dr. Amit Misra for pediatric obesity and Kristin Gonzales DPT for pelvic therapy. This holistic approach ensures all-age wellness improvement, integrating the latest medical treatments with personalized care plans.

What makes Mindful Wellness different?

Mindful Wellness integrates traditional health services with innovative coaching, therapy, and mindfulness practices, offering a holistic approach to your well-being.  We combine evidence based medicine with evidence based holistic medicne.  Unlike other wellness clinics that may primarily sell supplements, Mindful Wellness focuses on a holistic approach, combining evidence-based medicine with effective therapy, mindfulness, and coaching. Our treatments are delivered by highly trained professionals, ensuring a comprehensive care plan that goes beyond just supplements to address your wellness needs fully.

Why choose Mindful Wellness over other clinics?

Mindful Wellness sets itself apart by offering comprehensive support beyond the industry-standard 5-minute consultations. We begin with a 60-minute initial consultation to fully understand your health goals and concerns. Our approach includes unlimited 30-minute follow-up appointments, ensuring personalized care and attention. Unlike others who may focus solely on marketing or leave patients to navigate their health journey alone, we provide genuine support, emphasizing the importance of patient care and ongoing assistance throughout your wellness journey.

How does Mindful Wellness ensure its concierge service is affordable?

Mindful Wellness offers competitive pricing for our comprehensive concierge service, ensuring affordability while providing extensive support. Our packages include a 60-minute initial consultation, unlimited 30-minute appointments, unlimited group classes, and exceptional customer care. This approach allows patients to receive unparalleled, comprehensive healthcare support, unmatched elsewhere, ensuring both affordability and value.

What about medication costs at Mindful Wellness?

At Mindful Wellness, our expertise in insurance navigation ensures you receive necessary medications without undue financial burden. We stand apart by actively seeking insurance approvals and offering competitively priced compounded medications when coverage is unavailable. This dedication to affordability, combined with our comprehensive support, ensures you receive the highest value in your healthcare journey.

What kind of support can I expect from Mindful Wellness?

Mindful Wellness offers unparalleled support to ensure your journey to wellness is smooth and effective. From daily concierge service available 8 AM to 8 PM for any questions or scheduling needs, to unlimited access to group classes for community support and shared learning. Our dedicated team is here to assist you every step of the way, ensuring you have the resources and guidance needed to achieve your health and wellness goals.

What is included in the monthly subscription?

The monthly subscription at Mindful Wellness includes a comprehensive suite of services designed to offer complete support for your health journey. This encompasses a 60-minute initial consultation, unlimited 30-minute follow-up appointments, unlimited access to group classes for community support, daily concierge service for any queries from 8 AM to 8 PM, and personalized care from specialized medical professionals. Our subscription model ensures you have continuous access to the resources and expertise necessary for holistic health improvement

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Our Board-Certified Physicians and Founders

Our Board-Certified Physicians and Founders

Dr. Gupta, MD, MPH 

Board-Certified Obesity and Internal Medicine Expert

Mindful Weight Loss

Dr. Misra, MD 

Board-Certified Pediatric Critical Care and Cardiac Care Expert

Mindful Healthy Kids

We are proud to partner with the Manhattan Beach Women's Center

Dr. Lily Lee and Dr. Betty Lee are board-certified obstetrician-gynecologists specializing in women's health, reproductive and pregnancy care.

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