Carbs; The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

07.01.24 02:00 PM Comment(s) By Vivek Gupta

Last week I wrote about carbohydrates, very basic information on this important macronutrient. If you didn’t read it please see the post from last week CLICK or paste this link in your browser  
Many times the patient that I see needs a little more clarification or some examples of what are the good carbs, the bad, and the ugly (there are no ugly carbs, we think all of there are pretty good looking ;)

The Good: Indulge in carbs with a high nutritional value that you can enjoy guilt-free. Think luscious fruits, vibrant veggies like broccoli and cauliflower, wholesome oats, nourishing quinoa, hearty lentils and beans, flavorful sweet potatoes, and refreshing salads.

The Bad: While there are no inherently "bad" foods, it's wise to limit processed options. Consider the source of your food; if it's straight from the farm (like fresh fruits and veggies), it's likely beneficial. However, items produced in factories should be consumed in moderation. Examples include sugary donuts, greasy fries, and crispy chips. We're not about food shaming, just mindful choices.

The Ugly: In the food world, there are no true uglies. However, if something dampens your enthusiasm for eating, it's probably not worth it.

Choose the foods you love wisely. Opt for whole foods like fresh fruits and vegetables straight from the soil. Yes, they're carbs, but they're packed with essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, fiber, and even protein! Embrace these good carbs and indulge in a healthy relationship with food.

Carla Baccio is a National-Board certified Health and Wellness coach and has a master's degree in Expercise Science, Nutrition, and Wellness from Liberty University. 

Vivek Gupta

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