Proteins 101

In this series I will be talking about the 3 macronutrients: Protein, carbohydrates, and fat (alcohol is also considered a macronutrient because it provides calories, but because it doesn’t add any nutritional value to the diet it won’t be covered in this series).


We hear proteins are the “buil...

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The Evolution of the Mommy Makeover
In recent years, Mommy Makeover has become synonymous with the transformative surgeries many women undergo post-pregnancy. 

This traditional approach aims to help mothers reclaim their bodies after the physical challenges of childbirth. We’re all about helping people feel empowered and happy in ...
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New Year and Goal Setting
To set effective goals, it's important to start by reflecting on what you truly want to accomplish. I almost always suggest taking some time away to think and journal on what it really is that matters in your life.

Think about what areas of your life you want to improve, whether it's your career, you...
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Healthier Beginnings: Tackling Childhood Obesity with Compassion
Understanding Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity, a formidable health challenge, demands a compassionate understanding of its complex origins and far-reaching impacts. Woven into the fabric of genetic predisposition, environmental influences, and behavioral patterns, the causes of childhood obesity ...
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The Impact of Semaglutide & Tirzepitide: Now Game Changers for Obesity
Every day, this food system spends trillions of dollars trying to manipulate bodies and minds to get us to put calories into our GI tract for the sole purpose of maximizing value for their shareholders.  Now, I'm sure the people who work in all these industries are fine people, but the end resu...
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Every medicine has risks, but humans could improve by considering our status quo biases. There are also risks of doing nothing. These GLP medications are miracles that emulate natural satiety hormones in our bodies that decrease our hunger cravings and increase satiety. 

Mindful Wellness will he...
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Unlocking the Power of Sleep: A Crucial Pillar of Weight Loss
The Two Sleep Pathways:

Understanding the science behind sleep can provide valuable insights into improving sleep quality. Two main pathways regulate our sleep-wake cycle: the circadian pathway and the adenosine cycle. The circadian pathway is closely tied to the day-night cycle, influencing our natu...
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Exploring the Best Weight Loss Medications

For the first time in a century, we have molecules that can help counteract the negative effects of the modern food environment. However, the multitude of different names for these medications can be confusing for both patients and healthcare providers when trying to determine the best option.

One of...

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Protein and Exercise; Macro breakdown, Ratio, and Timing

We have talked in previous posts about what macros are (big molecules that provide energy to the body: protein, fat, and carbohydrates), and how protein is the building block of the body.

In this post I want to talk about the next level: Macro breakdown, ratio, and timing.

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Embracing Nature's Solutions: 9 Holistic Tips to Manage Constipation

Constipation, a common digestive issue, often prompts individuals to seek natural remedies for relief. In this blog, we'll explore nine effective tips, including adopting a specific toileting position, to promote regular bowel movements and enhance overall digestive health.

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